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ZCAF Introducing New 2017 Programs!

School’s Out Art Programs (SOAP) for Preteens in Grades 5-8

Innovations of the 20th Century
Monday, January 16, Thursday, January 19, and Friday, January 20, 2017

After the group reviews the work of three key 20th century artists known for their experimental and groundbreaking techniques (first half of each day), participants have ample time to explore techniques and approaches as they create their own unique works of art. Discussions will help participants relate the artistic technique to age-appropriate science, history, English, and math curriculum. For example, on Friday, students will discuss Jackson Pollock’s exploration of the physics principle known as ‘fluid dynamics,’ which Jackson incorporated in the development of his famous drip painting process. After gaining an understanding of the ‘drip technique,’ participants will experiment themselves.  Participants will use materials such as paper, paint, plastic, fabric, ink, and graphite. 

Day 1 (Monday, January 16th): Post-Impressionism – Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, & Georges Seurat
Day 2 (Thursday, January 19th): Pop Art – Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Yayoi Kusama, & Roy Lichtenstein
Day 3 (Friday, January 20th): Abstract Expressionism - Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, & Franz Kline

Review and Explore the Artwork and Techniques of 20th Century African-American Artists
Awaken Your Spirit: Celebrate Black History Month with ZCAF
Friday, February 17, and Monday, February 20, 2017

Faith Ringgold, Betye Saar, Jacob Lawrence, Alma Thomas, Romare Bearden, and Jean-Michel Basquiat

After the group reviews the work of several key African-American artists and their work (first half of each day), participants have ample time to explore techniques and approaches as they create unique works. Discussions will relate the artistic technique to age-appropriate science, English, history, and math curriculum.

Participants will use materials such as paper, paint, cardboard, cut newsprint and magazine, wire, found object, ink, graphite, pastels, and fabric.

Participants will also discuss and listen to musicians from the Harlem Renaissance during the studio portion of this program, including Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald.

20th Century Mixed Media Techniques: Shadow Boxes
Friday, March 31, 2017 

Participants on this date will be asked to bring in a box (shoe box, cigar box, or toaster sized) and (if desired) any of their own materials (beads, shells, bits of jewelry, baseball cards, small toys, family photos, etc.)  in which to create an ‘assemblage.’ Participants will also be provided with a wide range of materials with which to create shadow box assemblages (feathers, buttons, paper etc.).  The day will begin with a review of the art work of self-taught artist Joseph Cornell, as well as predecessors Frank Turek, Betty Radford, Allison May Kiphuth, and others. Participants will gain an understanding of the terms ‘shadow box,’ ‘collage,’ and ‘assemblage.’ Finally, participants will be given ample time to create their own shadow boxes – a suggested theme is ‘self-portrait,’ but other themes are also perfectly acceptable for this one-day project. 

Spring Break Week - 20th C. Printmaking & Mixed Media Techniques: Artist’s Books
April 17 - 21, 2017

Artists have long been associated with books, most often as illustrators, bookbinders, printers, and papermakers. By the middle of the 20th century, artists began to have a more direct interest in books as works of visual art in book form, and the “Artists’ Books” movement started. Participants will spend part of the week learning terms such as ‘resist prints,’ ‘artists’ books,’ and ‘bookbinding’. Participants will leave at the end of the week with a wide range of experiences & products.

April 17 - INTO to PRINTMAKING: Albrecht Dürer, Hokusai, Rembrandt, Francisco Goya, & Shepard Fairey
April 18 - BASIC PRINTMAKING TECHNIQUES: Projects – screen print, engraving, and block printing 
April 19 - INTRO to ARTISTS’ BOOKS: Julia Shaw Lutts, Cheri Gaulke, Sharon McCartney, & Mitzi Humphrey
April 20 - BASIC ARTISTS’ BOOKs TECHNIQUES: Projects – accordion/fan, pop-up, & book-in-a-box
April 21 - STUDIO DAY: Spend the day experimenting and creating artists prints and artist's books.   


ZCAF fosters alliances between artists, businesses, and government agencies such as: District of Columbia Commission for the
Arts and Humanities,
the District of Columbia Public Schools/Out of School Time Programs, and the
District of Columbia Office of Youth Programs, Department of Employment Services.


ZCAF forms meaningful partnerships with other non-profits such as: The DC Arts Studios, The Black Artists of DC,
and by participating as members of nationally recognized organizations such as Americans for the Arts.