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ZCAF’s current project is to create a mobile woodworking training workshop (on wheels.) We will target both students and all citizens who have a desire to learn basic and practical woodworking skills as well as those seeking careers in the construction industry, home repairs and learn proven methods to become artisans and entrepreneurs. ZCAF with local artisans and carpenters will help participants to develop job skills, while reinforcing community involvement and offer numerous opportunities in woodworking and the construction trades.

ZCAF Mobile Woodshop Project Overview

•   The ZCAF mobile woodshop will provide critical woodworking equipment, instructional support, and materials to fulfill a void in careers in woodworking and carpentry.

•   The ZCAF mobile woodshop will provide accessible work areas that allow interested citizens of all ages to participate and learn the art of wood and woodworking.

•   The ZCAF mobile woodshop will set a rotating schedule to visit selected community recreation centers and participate with current during and after school programs, and other non-profits involved in work force development and housing.

•   The target outcome is to maximize two DC resources that are currently under served.  DC citizens who are currently  unable to gain employment or in need of retraining for the  construction trades, including but not limited to students, returning vets, ex-offenders, seniors, retirees and those interested in learning to work with their hands. Also, those who simply are interested in developing a new skill in the art of woodworking.  We seek to maximize the vast supply of usable fallen trees belonging to DC Residents that are now removed by the Utility companies and not used by their rightful owners, citizens of DC. We want to put the Urban Saw Mills in DC to work for DC residents.

•   The ZCAF mobile workshop will introduce our citizens to the entire spectrum of the craft and business of woodworking. As we develop levels of proficiency with participants we will encourage them to become mentors to new participants of the program. Through this process our participants will develop organizational and tutorial skills, and offer an entrance into careers in woodworking, carpentry, the construction industry, and general home repairs. The Mobile Woodshop will empower our citizens to become good stewards of their community’s sustainable environment, as well as to fulfill a void in woodworking careers in our community.

•   Participants who reach various levels of mastery will be able to take their new found skills into working on their own homes, creating utility items, such as desks, stools, tables, and artisan pieces to sell at local fairs creating their own businesses. The Mobile Woodshop will open doors of opportunity. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the fruits of your labor. The Mobile Woodshop will be vehicle to achieve this goal.

•   The Mobile Woodshop will be made available and work with community partners for their own projects and to the City of Washington, D.C. for disaster relief and projects and programs.




Engaging the imaginations of students from three local elementary schools who were challenged to create art objects from food, these images were published in ZCAF's 2011 annual Food Calendar themed Sustainable and Scrumptious. The project, selected to create greater awareness  of the environment and promote healthy sustainable dining, concluded with 21 tiles made from these images installed as a mural at the Oyster School, Washington, D.C. in August of 2012.



The Food Glorious Food is a unique annual collaboration between artists, top area chefs, businesses and individuals that has raised more than $100,000 for the Capital Area Food Bank in just four years.  Launched in 2005, the mix of food, art and charity includes a month-long art show of food in all its fabulous forms; a calendar with art from the show and delectable recipes; and a calendar launch party and silent auction.   view exhibit        read more



a platform for environmental initiatives, was launched in 2008 to increase awareness of America’s endangered natural treasures.   Its inaugural project, What Remains: The American Landscape Portfolio of limited-edition prints, benefits the environment through the sale of giclée prints of renowned realist painter Bradley Stevens’s majestic landscapes.  Its first beneficiary is the Trust for Public Land and other non-profit environmental groups will be added as the program expands.  
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The Freedom Place Collection of 56 privately held works by preeminent African American artists Romare Bearden, Benny Andrews, Alma Thomas, Robert Freeman and Richard Yarde was an immediate success when it was unveiled by ZCAF at Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC, in fall 2007. Since then, the collection has been shown at Meridian House International and Congressional Bank in Washington DC, the University of New England in Camden, Maine and at Monroe Community College's Mercer Gallery in Rochester, New York.       view video    see collection





                  Mobile Woodshop Model


















Oyster School Mural

Eat Green, by Philip Hazard

Teton Gold, by Bradley Stevens

Snoopy Sees a Daybreak on Earth,  by Alma Thomas


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